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Donald Token is at the heart of the expansive Donald ecosystem. Obtain 50 free DON tokens by clicking the “Claim Airdrop” button after covering the minimal system fee. Alternatively, participate in our pre-sale and secure 2000 DON tokens for just 0.01 BNB.

Remaining Pre-Sale Tokens for Donald Token:


Listing Price: 1 DON = $0.01

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Auto-burning launched!
Embrace the chance to become a valued contributor to the Donald Token community! Participate in our exclusive airdrop and pre-sale events, both with limited slots available. As a gesture of gratitude for our active participants, enjoy a generous 50% referral reward on every transaction through your unique referral link.
Introducing the Automatic Token Burn feature for each pre-sale. When someone takes action without referrals and purchases tokens using any amount of BNB, an equivalent amount will be automatically burned from the total supply. This feature aims to bolster the token price, aspiring to maintain 1 DON = $0.01.
At Donald Token, we stand by the belief that community-driven success is paramount, and your engagement is pivotal to our collective journey. Join us today and be part of an extraordinary venture!

Donald Token Ecosystem (DON)




NFT Club
in the Metaverse

Gaming Hub

In-Game Assets

DON Staking Rewards

Experience the Power of Earning with DONALD Staking Rewards! Unlock a world of passive income with the DONALD Staking Rewards program. By staking your DON tokens, you not only contribute to the security of the network but also earn attractive rewards in return. Watch your holdings grow effortlessly while actively participating in shaping the future of the Donald Token ecosystem. Join the staking community today and let your DON tokens work for you!

DON Farming Opportunities

Dive into Prosperity with DONALD Farming Opportunities! Explore new horizons of wealth creation through DONALD Farming Opportunities. By participating in our yield farming programs, you can earn additional DON tokens by providing liquidity to designated pools. Become an integral part of the decentralized financial ecosystem, cultivate rewards, and sow the seeds of financial growth. Seize the opportunity to farm DON tokens today and cultivate your crypto portfolio with Donald Token!

DON NFT Marketplace

Unleash Creativity and Rarity with the DONALD NFT Marketplace! Step into a realm of digital art and collectibles within the DONALD NFT Marketplace. Here, each token tells a unique story, representing a piece of the vibrant Donald Token community. Discover, buy, and trade exclusive NFTs, and witness the fusion of blockchain technology with artistic expression. Immerse yourself in the DONALD NFT Marketplace — where rarity meets the blockchain, and creativity knows no bounds.

DON NFT Club in the Metaverse

Embark on a Virtual Adventure with the DONALD NFT Club in the Metaverse! Journey into the next frontier of digital interaction with the DONALD NFT Club in the Metaverse. This unique club brings the physical and virtual worlds together, creating an immersive experience where NFTs seamlessly integrate into the metaverse environment. Join an exclusive community, attend virtual events, and unlock NFT-powered experiences that redefine the boundaries of the digital realm. Step into the future with the DONALD NFT Club — where innovation, community, and the metaverse converge.

DON Decentralized Gaming Hub

Level Up Your Entertainment with the DONALD Decentralized Gaming Hub! Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of decentralized gaming through the DONALD Decentralized Gaming Hub. Enjoy a variety of blockchain-based games, including poker and other gambling activities, all facilitated by smart contracts to ensure transparent and fair gameplay. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or just looking for some excitement, our gaming hub provides an immersive and decentralized experience. Join the DONALD community in the gaming revolution — where entertainment meets blockchain innovation.

DOТ NFT-based In-Game Assets

Elevate Your Gaming Experience with DONALD NFT-based In-Game Assets! Discover a new dimension of gaming with DONALD NFT-based In-Game Assets. Immerse yourself in a world where non-fungible tokens (NFTs) seamlessly integrate into gaming experiences. Own and trade unique in-game assets that transcend traditional gaming items. With DONALD, we redefine ownership in the virtual realm, offering players a chance to truly possess and trade digital assets across different gaming platforms. Unlock gaming potential with DONALD NFTs — where digital ownership meets endless possibilities.

Airdrop and Pre-Sale for DON Token

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First Round Ends
AirDrop end 10 Mart, 2024
(18:00 PM GMT):

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DON Airdrop Round 1

(Ensure Binance Smart Chain Connection before Proceeding.)

Airdrop 2,000,000 DON

The Airdrop may end abruptly once the designated token allocation is depleted. There is no specific expiration date for the Airdrop, and tokens can be distributed at any point. Stay connected with our community to stay informed about the ongoing token distributions and upcoming opportunities.


Buy DON Token
Minimum buy 0.01 BNB (2,000 DON)
Maximum buy 10 BNB for 1 transaction
(2,000,000 DON)
Become a crypto whale in one click

DON Pre Sale Round 1

(Ensure Binance Smart Chain Connection before Proceeding.)

Pre-Sale 400,000,000 DON

Listing Price 1 DON = $ 0.01

The Pre-Sale will persist until the token supply is exhausted – no predetermined end date! As an esteemed investor, you hold the exclusive chance to procure DONALD tokens in 10 BNB increments, actively influencing the trajectory of Donald Token. Seize this golden opportunity to contribute significantly to our path to success! Acquire tokens in 10 BNB increments and unlock a realm of boundless possibilities.

Refferal Bonus

Refferal Bonus
Invite new participants and earn a 50% commission on every referral. Submit a request and receive a 50% commission on all transactions.
Safeguard your Airdrop or participate in the pre-sale by simply entering your wallet address in the designated field below.
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Common Queries and Responses

Q1: How many DON tokens does a participant receive in the Airdrop? angle-down

Airdrop Allocation: 50 DON Tokens

Participants participating in the Airdrop are entitled to receive a generous allocation of 50 DON tokens completely free of charge. This allocation is designed as a complimentary gesture, strategically crafted to encourage and strengthen community engagement while garnering support for the ambitious Donald project. The goal is to cultivate a vibrant and active community, laying the foundation for the project's success through widespread participation in the Airdrop initiative.
Q2: What's the minimum BNB for Donald Project's Pre-sale? angle-down

Pre-sale Entry: Minimum BNB Required

To join the pre-sale and secure the minimum allocation of DON tokens, participants need to invest a minimum of 0.01 BNB. Participants have the flexibility to contribute any BNB amount within a single transaction, with the upper limit set at 10 BNB. This approach is designed to cater to various investment preferences and levels of participation, allowing a broader audience to engage with the DON project.
Q3: How can participants earn bonuses in the Referral program? angle-down

Maximizing Referral Program Rewards

Upon acquiring Airdrop tokens or participating in the pre-sale, participants are encouraged to leverage the referral program. By copying their MetaMask or Trust Wallet address, pasting it into the designated referral field, and activating the "Get Refer Link" feature, participants can initiate their referral link. This link enables them to automatically receive a 50% commission on the total purchase amount made by individuals referred through their unique link. This referral system is designed to reward participants for expanding the Donald project's community reach.
Q4: How to join both pre-sale and Airdrop? angle-down

Navigating Pre-Sale and Airdrop Participation

01. Start by downloading the Trust Wallet app from trustwallet.com—a secure and reputable DeFi market application.
02. Procure BEP20 BNB to replenish your Trust Wallet or MetaMask.
03. Copy the designated Airdrop page, navigate to the Trust Wallet browser, paste the link, switch to the Binance Smart Chain network, complete the transaction by paying the minimal fee, and receive 50 complimentary DON tokens. Alternatively, participate in the pre-sale by contributing 0.01 BNB to secure 2000 DON tokens. These detailed steps aim to guide participants through a seamless and secure engagement process.
Q5: When is the official launch date for the DON Token? angle-down

Don Token Launch: Mark Your Calendar!

The official launch date for the DON Token will be disclosed after the conclusion of the pre-sale phase. Participants are encouraged to stay informed by monitoring official communication channels, including social media platforms and the comprehensive WhitePaper, for timely announcements regarding the launch date. This approach ensures transparency and allows participants to plan their engagement accordingly.
Q6: What is the initial price of the DON Token at launch? angle-down

Launch Price of DON Token: What to Expect?

The initial trading price at the launch will be 1 DON = $0.01, a value clearly communicated on our website. This transparent disclosure reflects our commitment to ensuring participants are well-informed about the starting valuation, fostering a trustworthy and open environment for decision-making. Participants are encouraged to stay tuned to official communication channels, including social media, for any updates related to the token's pricing. This dedication to transparency underscores our mission to empower participants with accurate and detailed information.
Q7: Rewards from DONALD Staking? angle-down

DONALD Staking Rewards

DONALD Staking offers an enticing rewards system for participants who choose to lock their DON tokens in dedicated staking mechanisms. By actively contributing to the DONALD ecosystem through staking, participants earn a share of rewards, fostering a sense of engagement and incentivizing long-term commitment to the project. The more tokens staked, the greater the potential rewards, creating a dynamic and mutually beneficial staking experience.
Q8: Exploring DONALD Ecosystem Farming? angle-down

DONALD Farming Opportunities

The DONALD ecosystem provides users with diverse farming opportunities, enabling them to earn additional tokens by actively participating in farming pools. By staking their assets in these pools, users not only contribute to the ecosystem's liquidity but also receive rewards in return. This approach encourages users to take an active role in the growth and sustainability of the DONALD project, fostering a vibrant and engaged community.
Q9: DONALD NFT Marketplace: Ecosystem Role? angle-down

Exploring DONALD NFT Marketplace

The DONALD NFT Marketplace stands as a decentralized hub within the ecosystem, facilitating the trade and exchange of unique digital assets in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Participants can immerse themselves in a creative space where they can buy, sell, and trade NFTs, each representing a distinct piece of the DONALD community's creativity and individuality. This decentralized marketplace not only adds a layer of uniqueness to the ecosystem but also empowers participants to shape and define the evolving narrative of the DONALD project.
Q10: DONALD NFT Club in the Metaverse: What Sets It Apart? angle-down

DONALD NFT Club: Metaverse Distinctions

The DONALD NFT Club in the Metaverse stands out as a virtual haven, offering members exclusive access to meticulously curated NFT collections. In this immersive digital space, members can partake in unique experiences, attend virtual events, and foster a sense of community within the dynamic Metaverse crafted by DONALD. This club isn't just about owning NFTs; it's about being part of a vibrant community that embraces the possibilities of the Metaverse.
Q11: DONALD Gaming Hub's Ecosystem Contribution? angle-down

DONALD Gaming Hub Impact

The DONALD Decentralized Gaming Hub plays a pivotal role by serving as the central nexus for gaming enthusiasts within the ecosystem. Through the integration of decentralized gaming solutions, participants experience gaming in a transparent and seamless environment. This not only provides a platform for gaming enthusiasts but also cultivates a lively community of gamers, contributing to the overall vibrancy. and diversity of the DONALD project.
Q12: DONALD NFT In-Game Assets: Significance? angle-down

Significance of DONALD NFT Assets

DONALD NFT-based In-Game Assets add a layer of depth and value to the gaming experience. These digital assets, represented as NFTs, go beyond mere collectibles—they signify ownership and achievements within the game. By introducing tradable and unique in-game assets, DONALD enhances user engagement, making in-game accomplishments more meaningful and rewarding. Players can not only enjoy the thrill of gaming, but also truly own and trade assets that hold genuine value within the DONALD ecosystem.
Discover DON Tokens: Fuelling the Advancement of Donald!
But wait, there's more! Don't miss out on this golden chance. Immerse yourself in the Donald project by engaging in our exclusive airdrop and pre-sale initiatives. These opportunities are limited, so act swiftly. For our devoted community members, we have a special treat. Earn an impressive 50% referral reward for each transaction conducted through your unique referral link. It's our gesture of appreciation for your active involvement in our dynamic community. Therefore, seize this moment, embrace the future, and join the ever-evolving Donald ecosystem!
Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. Your questions, suggestions, and feedback are invaluable to us as we continue to shape the Donald Token ecosystem. We appreciate your engagement and look forward to connecting with you.
Token Name - Donald
Token Symbol - DON
Token Decimal - 18
Contract Address -